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By : Admin

Buying Foreign Property 5 Effective Ways to Make Your Offer Stand Out


In a seller's market, like the US, buyers must be prepared to do some ground work and move fast whenever they spot homes that offer what they are looking for. In a competitive market, a buyer with cash doesn't necessarily win these days. 2015 Realtytrac stats say that about a third of property buyers in the US are cash buyers. Cash might still have an advantage over mortgage but below are some more tips to create a winning offer.

Only a few sellers can reject an offer of cash but chances are you're not the only one bringing cash to the table. Hence you need other strategies when making a home offer:

1. Move fast.

Moving fast could help you win when making a home offer in a competitive market. If you’re dealing with a seller who doesn't have much time (who does?) and wants to sell fast, all you need to do is put your best foot forward and follow other steps in these article to seal the deal.

You can also offer to close quickly. A standard closing period is about 30 days. If you can close in three weeks instead, this could convince the seller to accept your offer even over one that offers more money.

2. Get a professional.

A proactive and knowledgeable agent will know what works in that community and will be able to create a winning offer fast.  A good agent will be the strongest weapon in your arsenal when in a competitive market. A knowledgeable agent will guide you through winning strategies in that competitive market that may seem crazy when you try them in a slower market.

3. Be human.

Display personality with your offer. One way to do this is by writing a letter to the seller that tells him the reason why you want to buy. Indicate a subtle feature you like about the house (which other buyers didn't notice). Other sellers will appear impersonal.

4. An earnest deposit

A substantial first deposit makes a major difference. A reasonable first deposit will be about 3% of the value of the house. A seller often takes this offer seriously and can feel positive you are focused on the stand by position this offer.

This may give you a winning edge. Submitting a pre-approval notice with the first deposit puts your offer before others by telling the owner you are serious.




5. Money talks.

Of course, the more money you can offer upfront, the better your chances. If you can afford a 30% or 40% down payment (or more), sellers will be tempted to accept your offer. And, in the long run, it will save you money on a mortgage, shortening the length of your loan and the interest you pay. You can also waive some contingencies, depending on what your agent approves.

These tips can put your offer on top of the pile. However, in a competitive market, beating the competition depends on your creativity. 

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